Business Contents

Overseas Business

We handle a wide array of egg products and sushi ingredients. We export and sell our main products, such as cooked egg products and imitation crab meat for sushi centering on Japanese restaurants overseas. We are aiming to create a product lineup that meets local needs.

Products for overseas


We produce for Japan, China and other overseas markets through intermediary trade.
We are focusing on domestic sales in China from our base in the Guangzhou office.


Ahjikan Guangzhou Food Management Co.,Ltd

Masai International Business Center 1004, 348 Tancun Lu, Tianhe Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng, 510655, China

: 2014


Shandong Ahjikan Food Co.,Ltd

2700 Linglongshanbei Lu, Qingzhou shi, Shandong Sheng, China

: 2002

AK Foods(Qingdao) Co.,Ltd

225 Shenzhenbei Lu, Laixi Shi, Qingdao Shi, Shandon Sheng, China

: 2006

Domestic business

We manufacture and sell food for commercial use such as ingredients for sushi rolls centering on cooked eggs. In the cooked egg for commercial use segment, we are proud to hold a leading share of the Japanese market.We have built an original chilled logistics network that covers nearly all regions of Japan.

Business Sites


In addition to five domestic plants and one cooperating plant, we established a production framework including two associated overseas companies that is capable of responding to customers' requirements.

All our owned factories has obtained the FSSC22000 certification.

Annual Production Capacity (2019)

  • Tsukuba Factory

    2200-57 Katsuracho Ushiku-city Ibaraki 300-1281 Japan

    : 2017
    Site area
    : 11,589m²
  • Shizuoka Factory

    817-5 Nakagawa Shimada-city Shizuoka 427-0103 Japan

    : 1998
    Site area
    : 13,681m²
  • Hiroshima Factory

    7-3-9 Shoko-center Nishi-ku Hiroshima-city Hiroshima 733-8677 Japan

    : 1978
    Site area
    : 4,125m²
  • Tosu Factory

    6-4 Fujinomachi tosu-city Saga 841-0048 Japan

    : 1982
    Site area
    : 6,620m²
  • Moriya Factory

    1657-5 Matsunami Moriya-city Ibaraki 302-0108 Japan

    : 1990
    Site area
    : 5,366m²
  • Kagotani Factory

    2-1-17 Araichootabi takasago-city Hyougo 676-0005 Japan

    : 2007
    Site area
    : 5,195m²

Health food business

We also take on new fields as we strive to find foods that are healthy as well as taste good. We started selling Ahjikan burdock (gobo) tea to consumers in 2010. Currently, we have more than 600,000 customers drinking our tea.
We established the wholly owned agricultural subsidiary Ahjikan Agrifarm in 2012 with the intention of being a comprehensive producer from raw materials onward.

AHJIKAN Gobo Tea Product Series

Awarded a Special Prize at the 2019 Food and Health Awards